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Just Trying to Lead exists to assist leaders in better understanding the process of leading.  We accentuate “process” because, although there are many resources and trainings which are valuable in providing information, we have found  little support in helping leaders implement what they have learned.

Our goal at Just Trying to Lead is not only to provide exceptional training and resources from leadership experts but to walk with you through the process, providing support and counsel for the real-world application of all you have learned.

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Timothy Adour, Ph.D. is a lecturer and leadership development specialist. His leadership abilities have taken him throughout Latin America, Europe, Asia as well as the United States.  Dr. Adour received his B.A. in Theological Studies, Masters in Organizational Leadership and Ph.D. in Leadership Studies. Dr. Adour’s dissertation examined the mindset of entitlement and its effect in the workplace, education and faith communities. A key element to Dr. Adour’s leadership philosophy is self-awareness leading to effective team building, thereby, creating organizational productivity.